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Looking for a licensed and experienced professional to tackle your project?

We are a Portland Oregon based roofing company licensed in Oregon and Washington State offering professional and reliable services for a wide variety of needs ranging from residential to commercial projects. Our dedication to workmanship and the use of the highest quality materials in the industry has earned us a reputation for excellence. 

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Even though we put a huge emphasis on the workmanship it is important not to overlook the type of materials that are going to be installed on your roof. 


Ultimately it's the material that is protecting your home from the elements. So ask what type of products a company uses on their roofs.  Here's why we believe this to be an important question. When you are going through the vetting process to find a contractor you trust, you can sometimes measure a companies workmanship based on the materials they are using. Having quality material will also ensure some type of warranty that comes from the manufacturer.


Most top installers prefer to work with high quality shingles for a multitude of reasons. One reason in particular is high quality material is easier to work with, which in turn will lead to a higher quality install and a superior finished product. At Pacific Ridge Roofing we want to educate our customers so they can have the confidence the job is done right.


When it comes to getting your roof replaced the most important thing is the workmanship. Based on our experience we've found that regardless of the material, if the roof is not installed correctly it fails much sooner than the projected life expectancy of the shingles themselves. You can have the highest quality shingles in the industry, but if they are installed with poor workmanship the shingles wont last.

Here at Pacific Ridge Roofing we put a focus on this industry philosophy. We will always ensure that the shingles will be installed to the manufacturers specifications. This is why as a homeowner it's worthwhile to do your research.  Meeting with different roofing companies can be a helpful tool to determine if they are a good fit for you. Then, work with the company that YOU trust.

Why Us?

Customer Service

In this industry customer service can be overlooked.  One thing we have noticed is that regardless of the finished product if communication along the way did not meet the customers expectations they will always remember that experience. 

When working with a roofing company it's also about the communication. Did they follow up when they said they were going to? Did they start the job when they said they were going to?  The list goes on. We feel like roofing isn't always about the end result, but the process from  start to finish. That's why at Pacific Ridge Roofing we pride ourselves with the ability to communicate and follow through with what we say. We are confident that our customers will not only be satisfied with the end result but also the process.

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